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Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a gift packaging idea for a set of teapot and cups. It translates the Taoist philosophy of “yin” and “yang” into a black and white, semi-circular design.


Yu Guang, Wu Chang Fei


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Shaped like a sculptural bow, when displayed upright, the white semi-circular box is shining and tranquil as a sea moon. The silver-pressed relief images depict the movements of water and fish. A mystery is hiding in the box: pull the ornament on the box softly, and a drawer opens, a black half-moon emerging from the white. It represents a duality, “yin” and “yang”, which originate from the philosophy of Taoism.

Taoists as tea, tea as Taoists: the “yin” and the “yang”, the black and white, movement and stillness, perfect and imperfect – these represent Taoist thinking; clean and cloudy, leisure and worry, fish and water – these represent tea.

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