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GREEN HIVE is a new type of all-in-one tire wheel that can be used semi-permanently by continuously refilling the tread before it gets completely worn out, thus prolonging the life span of the tire.

Tires of vehicles are usually discarded when the tread is worn out from constant contact with road surfaces. However, in the case of most discarded tires, apart from the worn-out tread, other parts of the tires, such as the sidewall and internal structure, are usually fine. With GREEN HIVE tires, users can use this product semi-permanently by continuously reproducing new blocks of tread with a tread compound refill. This can also be used to maintain tire performance regularly.

To emphasise the product’s sturdy and eco-friendly concept, this tire adopts a beehive pattern as a motif. Each tread block is generated as a six-pointed beehive pattern. For tire treads, this pattern maximises intensity and stability via the strength and outstanding shock absorbing ability inherent in the hexagonal structure. 


Nexen Tire, South Korea
Team Lead: Choi Seung-Il
Design: Kim Tae-Nyun, Kim Hyo-Joong

The tread compound refill is a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material, which is a physical mix of plastic (at high temperature) and rubber (at room temperature), with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. The different types of refill can be visually differentiated via different colours that indicate its use for specific conditions such as road racing, driving on icy road surfaces and more.

The body of each tire is composed of a sidewall and an all-in-one wheel. Since many layers of steel cords are built in, this all-in-one wheel improves the ride quality. The internal steel moulding heats up the tread compound refill and makes it flexible. After that, it increases air pressure to generate a hexagon tread block by pushing the refill compound through the hexagonal wheel hole.


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