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Go – The Adaptable Child Carrier

Go is a child carrier that challenges common concepts of mobility. Through an adaptable design solution, the product offers both ergonomic back carrying and weight-relieving strolling in one product. The strollable carrier easily adapts to the changing user needs of active, urban parents.


Tina Alnæs

As parents today have an active lifestyle and move around often, there is a need for versatile mobility solutions that can improve their everyday lives. The Go concept is an ergonomic and child-friendly carrier that also has an innovative strolling ability. In a single product, the user is offered three unique use modes: back carrying, front strolling, and back strolling. 

While most child carriers on the market today are developed by sports brands and are intended for mountain hiking, Go distinguishes itself by being particularly suited for urban errands and travelling. By using the carrying mode, the parents are close to their child and have full mobility. This way, they can easily go down the stairs to the metro, for instance, or manoeuvre their way across cobblestones or through crowded places. At the same time, they have the option to use the weight-relieving strolling function. This differentiating product feature is especially designed for use with the distances found in airports, shopping malls, et cetera, when the parent needs a break from carrying. 


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The research phase revealed that the users considered the obligation to carry heavy weight over time as one of the most negative aspects of the average back-frame child carrier. As the heaviest load to carry is the child itself, Go attacks the weight problem in a more effective way than reducing product weight alone – namely through the strolling ability. In addition, the product is lightweight, compact, and easily foldable. The transformation from carrying to strolling is also easily operated. The support bracket is simply folded in when carrying, and the telescope handle can be pulled out and adjusted for strolling. The support bracket and wheel brake ensures safe and stable loading of the child. 

A human-centred design was the goal. For gender-neutral, ergonomic carrying, the Go carrier has a customisable suspension system with a large adjustment range and ergonomic features. Unlike most carriers, it fits both parents equally well. The back length is adjustable all the way from 39cm to 60 cm. The child’s best interests were also emphasised during the product development phase. This has resulted in child-friendly features such as foot loops, an adjustable seat height and compartment space, padded seat and safety harness, and head support. The zip-off/on storage solution grows with the child, and can be used as a backpack when the child is old enough to walk and carry itself. This extends the product use.

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