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Glass Vessels

These small glass vessels inspired by traditional Japanese tea ceremony are made of handblown, cut and polished glass. They bring wellbeing and are a joy to hold and to behold.


Ishida Tami

These glass vessels stem from a personal interest in humble, utilitarian objects. Their function as cups is self-evident. They seek to translate a measure of grace and respect embodied within the traditional Japanese tea ceremony into a series of vessels. This is achieved by creating simple objects of great aesthetic beauty and personality. 

Glass is an exquisite material. The vessels are a delight to hold in the hand – they “fit”, they feel perfectly balanced, and the polished matte finish is both cool and smooth to the touch. The varying degrees of translucency offer a dynamic relationship with daylight, informed also by subtle gradation of a serene colour palette. Each vessel is unique, handblown and handmade.


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