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Garland Rubber Band

Tying a conventional rubber band around a rolled up scroll of paper does not do enough to keep the paper intact. The Garland Rubber Band spreads the force evenly across the scroll to better protect it.


Xu Mengke, Cheng Yaxuan, Li Tiepeng, Zhang Junjie

The inspiration for the Garland Rubber Band comes from the traditional Chinese paper cutting art. In this art, a piece of paper is folded before the artist starts cutting into the edges to form beautiful patterns that reveal themselves upon unfolding the paper. Garland Rubber Band has adapted these paper-cutting patterns into a highly functional rubber band structure. By making full use of the width of the rubber band to create more flexibility, the Garland Rubber Band is able to wrap around an article completely with an even stretching force. 

In the process of experimenting with these patterns on the rubber band, it is discovered that the most common type of pattern causes the rubber band to break easily when there is too much tension. As such, a teardrop-shaped recess is created in the stress points to make sure spread and even out the tension force. This enables the rubber to wrap around and protect all kinds of objects.


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