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FUNction Baby Bottle

FUNctions Baby Bottle extends the lifespan of a baby bottle by giving it other functions that are useful even after the baby has grown up.


Shenzhen AZ Industrial Design Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Jia Siyuan
Design: Zheng Dongping, Liu Binwen, Lin Leye, Wang Xiaoshen

Baby bottles are an essential object for families with babies. However, they inevitably become useless and head for the trash can when the babies have grown up. FUNctions Baby Bottle is designed with fun and multifunctional value-added features – a piggy bank and LED light exchangeable modules. These features give the bottle more reusability longevity even when a child no longer needs a baby bottle.

The bottle head of FUNctions Baby Bottle can be adapted into a piggy bank module with a cross-shape coin slot for saving coins. The user can also attach the LED light module and use the bottle as a hand-held or hanging light element with an adjustable string.


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