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Fun Pinball

Fun Pinball is a toy set that can be used to create custom-designed gravity-fed courses for marbles. The magnetic tubes and tracks adhere to surfaces such as classroom whiteboards and fridges.


National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Faculty Advisor: Chang Ching Hsu 
Designers: Chen Li Rong, Chen Yi Hua, Cheng Yu Shao, Kao Yu Ting, Lin Yi Feng, Lin Yi Ju, Lin Yu Wun, Tsai Ning Han


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Consisting of a variety of different tube and track shapes, the Fun Pinball set allows the creation of vertically mounted courses for marbles in the style of pinball machines. The components can be arranged in any way. Kids can work independently or with friends. The purpose is to help challenge the imagination and inspire observation, deductive reasoning, logical thinking and problem solving.

In a guided learning scenario, parents or teachers can draw a blueprint on the whiteboard to help younger kids get started with assembling the parts. The children will learn to follow patterns and instructions. They will also build up fine motor skills by putting the pieces together in specific ways. 

In an open exploratory scenario, kids will have lots of fun exploring the possibilities of construction. They will learn what doesn’t work and refine the constructions to their satisfaction using their own imagination. When playing with other kids, they will learn how to collaborate and work in a team.

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