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Fully Functional Air Improvement System

Based on the circulation theory of fresh air systems, this full-function air improvement system can improve the air quality, which is crucial for medical treatment and operating environments.


Shenzhen Perth Industrial Design Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Dr. Shang Jianfeng
Design: Yue Fangbing, Hu Wenhui, Guo Dong 

Hunan Luchuan Information Technology Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Chen Hanzhang


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Fresh outdoor air increases the oxygen content in the room and reduces bacterial reproduction. Such quality air enhances the patient’s immunity, accelerates the physical rehabilitation, and reduces surgical complications. 

This air improvement system is a fresh air equipment that forces the formation of the new airflow field in the environment. It ventilates, purifies, sterilises, controls the temperature and humidification, and performs oxygen therapy for the indoor air of the environment according to different set values, so that the air quality can meet the requirements of the best medical environment. One can monitor the air quality and indexes of the room via the indicator light. When the air quality is improved to the set value, the light turns green, implying that the air is healthy for the patient to receive operation and treatment.

A full-function air improvement system can improve air quality, air humidity, temperature, oxygen content, and the sterilisation of the indoor environment (treatment room, operating room, ICU room or delivery room) according to the requirements of medical grades. This well-designed system with highly integrated functions reduces the cost for purchasing the ventilator, air-conditioning, sterilising lamp and other equipment individually, as well as the amount of space they occupy.

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