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Frost Sniper

Frost Sniper is a portable product that removes frost from car windows easily, quickly and safely.


Lee Taeseung
South Korea


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Up until now, most drivers turn up the heater, use a scratcher, or even pour boiling water on the windscreen in efforts to remove frost on their windscreens. With the Frost Sniper, this process becomes more effective and efficient. The Frost Sniper is simple to use. It melts hardened frost with double-heated rays and wipes the window simultaneously with water generated from melted frost. The double-heated rays and overall form of the Frost Sniper are respectively inspired by shark’s teeth and a shark’s streamlined form.

The Frost Sniper is composed of a head and a handle section. The handle is designed with an ergonomic grip and an easy operating interface. The head itself consists of a double-heated ray function and a streamlined rubber-wiper. The tool has two buttons – “power” and “push-to-remove”. To clear the windscreen, users simply turn on the Frost Sniper to activate the double-heated rays and gently press the rubber-wiper against the car window surface to melt down the frost. The user can also remove the head from the handle by pressing and holding the “push-to-remove” button. This will reveal a USB charge port.

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