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Fresh Ring

Fresh Ring is a smart wearable device that helps people select fruits and vegetables that are fresh and safe to consume.

When buying fruits and vegetables, consumers tend to spend a long time picking out the freshest ones, but at the same time, they also worry about toxic pesticides or unnatural chemical pigments on fruits and vegetables. Fresh Ring is a wearable device that gives advice on fruits and vegetables selection. It uses a bio-identification technology to distinguish the freshness of fresh produce and detect the degree of pesticide residue or harmful substances on fruits and vegetables.


East China Normal University School Of Design, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Lu Junshi, Prof. Dai Yunting, Prof. Liu Fei
Design: Lu Xinyi, Li Jiayu, Xu Hanqing, Wan Simin

Fresh Ring is designed with a screen to show the scanned data, which will include freshness, sugar content and pesticide residue of the fresh produce. Through this data, the ring will calculate an overall evaluation of the food and show the selection advice as face icons. A green smiley face recommends the fruit, a yellow face thinks it is not so great, and the red face gives warning about the produce being not that fresh or having too much pesticide residue.

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