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Fresh Date

Fresh Date is a food wrap dispenser that also prints the “freshness date” on the wrapper. 


inDare Design, Shenzhen Ge Wai Design Management Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Chen Fengming
Design: Chen Yujie, Chen Shaolong, Liang Jiamin, Yang Junlong, Yan Yanhui 

inDare Design Strategy Limited, Hong Kong
Team Lead: Su Meixian

To help families and small food businesses keep track of the freshness of food, Fresh Date prints the current date on food wrappers. When food is stored in the fridge, the printed dates are instantly visible in a simple and clear manner. This makes food management more convenient.

Fresh Date solves the problem for users who have a hard time keeping track of the shelf life and expiration date of foodstuff. Simply set the date, print the date on the wrapper, dispense and tear out the wrapper, and use it to store any type of food. It is easy, intuitive and fun to use!


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