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Four Square for Babycare

Four Square for Babycare is a modular nursing room station that is convenient to transport and install. There is no need to redesign an entire room and a wall installation is sufficient, thus saving construction and renovation costs.


Liu Xiaowei, Li Lin


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The provision of a nursing room not only respects the privacy and the rights of a woman but also symbolises a civil society. However, the construction of nursing rooms in outdoor places is usually costly and most are not willing to build. Four Square for Babycare solves this problem by using a modular design – only four squares of a wall are needed for installation of the nursing room station. The environment does not need to be reconfigured and this saves renovation costs. 

A privacy tent can be easily pulled down to create a private room with sufficient internal facilities, such as a babychair, a nursery station, a feeding chair and a trash bag. The entire station is well-made using antibacterial material and it is designed with rounded edges. The use of orange and white creates a warm and friendly visual experience. With recognisable bright signs and slogans, it provides a comfortable space for both the mother and the baby.

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