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Under the coverage of a CLAA network, Flylisten can be flexibly and massively deployed at the nodes of pipelines to implement 24-hour monitoring of all sites and send back data in real time.


ZTE , China

Team Lead: Li Lei

Design: Zhou Qian, Huang Chun, Wan Zhicheng, Yu Shengwu, Ma Tao, Ma Jiajia, Chen Wanyue, Yuan Rui, Huang Lixia

Gas transmission and storage is an important part of the industry today, and gas leaks have been a malady of related industries. Traditional detection methods like pressure detection, concentration detection and manual inspection are unable to discover leaks sensitively and in real time. The development of modern science and technology creates conditions for the emergence of Flylisten. Flylisten integrates ultrasonic sensors with high sensitivity and low-power processors for real-time detection of the ultrasound emitted when gas leaks from pipelines. Once the ultrasound is captured, LoRa technologies are used to send sensor data to the CLAA network, which then analyses the received alarm information for accurate arrangement of rescue operations. 

Flylisten also has a unique design. Shaped like a cube, five of its six sides have common interfaces. Thus, no matter where it is installed, the pick-up can be adjusted to face the desired direction. Optional accessories include large trumpet-shaped wide-angle pick-ups, small cylindrical precise pick-ups, coil pick-ups that can probe into the cavity of some devices, and solar panels. The sixth side of the cube has a rotatable mounting bracket, which can be used for adjusting the angle of the product to face the monitored area. The common interfaces abandon the common thread form and refer to the installation of camera lens, making them more beautiful and convenient. The only decoration of the device is the cross lines on the surface, indicating aggregation and targeting, which fits the function of the central probe and achieves a perfect combination of form and function.


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