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By reconsidering what security dividers can do, FindArea offers a simple solution that allows people to find one another more quickly in the arrival hall.


National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Zheng Meng-Cong
Design: Lu Chia-Cheng, Chen Yu-Sheng , Chen Yin-Yu

The arrival hall is always crowded with people waiting to receive arriving passengers. However, it takes a lot of time for passenger and receiver to find each other due to a lack of location cues. 

FindArea offers a new way of looking at traditional security dividers. The idea is a simple coding system that considers adding alphabets and colours to the security dividers. In this way, arriving passengers and receivers can use these visual cues as information to communicate and locate one another quickly and conveniently. These coloured sections are divided into smaller blocks for better precision and labelled with large alphabetical labels that are hard to miss.


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