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FIK Light

FIK Light is an innovative re-design of the road lighting system that incorporates a countdown timer in the visual form of “ring and strips” lighting. with its automated lights off, it aims to inform road users, the information of the traffic condition in its red, amber and green lights.


Edmund  Liew

The FIK Light traffic light modular system aims to increase traffic road safety among motorists. With heightened stress in modern lifestyles, impatience and frustration builds among road users, especially at traffic junctions. With its modular design and its “ring and strips” lighting sequence, FIK Light finds a solution to make everyday road traffic safer and more bearable. Instead of digital numbers that are counting down, the “strip lighting” counts down from the bottom. This removes some of the commuters’ anxieties, introduces refinement, and alleviates environment and social pressure.

The FIK Light’s “ring and strips” traffic lighting system allows its countdown timing to be customised. On a day-to-day basis, the visual display operates as such: the green “strips ring” (20 to 60 seconds) gradually disappearing from the bottom all the way up to the amber “strips ring” (3 seconds) and eventually to the red “strips ring” (20 to 60 seconds) display. Depending on the traffic junction and oncoming traffic, FIK’s individual “ring and strips” lighting can be flexibly programmed.

The styling and design language of FIK Light is mostly influenced by the 21st century landscape of consumer products, architecture, computer technology and user-interface. Inspired by minimalist thinking, streamlined forms and the simplicity of lines, FIK Light is set in a hypermodern style that complements the architecture of a futuristic era.


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