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Feel The Time

Feel the Time incorporates a rippled textured effect into the shell of the watch to enable the visually impaired to tell time.


Dalian Minzu University, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Bao Haimo, Sun Jing
Design: Chen Yidan, Zhao Caiwen, Xuan Anran, Ma Deyu, Zhang Jie, Zhang Xue, Chen Yu, Liu Chunnan

Feel the Time incorporates a circular textured effect onto the watch face to allow the visually impaired to read time discreetly. The surface is made of a soft material and a circular textured pattern simulates the hands of a traditional watch. Two invisible “hands” sweep the clock surface as time moves, creating a corresponding texture. The user only has to find the “start” edge of the texture with the fingertips, and follow it in a clockwise direction until the other edge is reached. Knowing where the texture starts and ends will allow the user to read time. 

Feel the Time departs from the traditional idea of translating information into braille for the visually impaired. A braille watch would have been too technical and too complicated to function. Feel the Time invents a much easier way for the visually impaired to tell time simply by touching what would be the “hands” of a watch. It would not even require any knowledge of braille.


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