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Fabula Organic® Pencil

Fabula Organic® Pencil recycles discarded coffee, tea and petals and turn them into organic pencils, which produces sharpening waste that nourishes plants and grows new ones.

Fabula Organic® Pencil is an eco-design pencil that recycles discarded coffee, tea and petals from cafes and flowers shops, and turns them into innovative organic pencils. Upon sharpening, these pencils create waste that nourishes plants. When it is near the end of its life span, the leftover pencil stub can be planted and grown into a new plant. Not only does this pencil have zero carbon footprint, it completely closes the sustainability cycle and thus, is the most sustainable pencil in the world.

The packaging for Fabula Organic® Pencil also have a very high ecological profile encourage users to be active participants of the green movement. After unwrapping the pencil, users can take on the printed Green Challenger’s list of weekly challenges, or write their green story on the packaging, fold it into a self-sealed letter, and mail it back to the designers behind the idea for Fabula, Green Riding Hood & Woof®. Fabula encourages innovative recycling, eco-design thinking and ecological education. At the end of the year, users can see how ecologically enlightened they have become.


Mateja Kuhar, Igor Toplak


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