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A mountain bike is the perfect portable mode of transport and should be owned by every outdoor explorer. Designed and advertised as a performance-oriented device, Extramuros encourages users to explore more landscapes beyond relaxing bike rides in the woods.


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Extramuros is a fully suspended bicycle that adapts to different types of terrains, be it an easy asphalt bike-path, sketchy singletracks or gnarly downhills. A quick release of the lever allows the user to choose between three different frame positions. This system also allows the backwheel to be folded, thus making the bike more compact for transportation or storage.

For a simpler and less expensive bicycle, the design of the hole production system had to be revised. The use of steel instead of carbon fibre or aluminium reduces the bicycle’s price and its environmental impact. The custom tubes’ section allows an easy assembly and a better weight-to-resistance ratio. Lowering the production and maintenance cost also led to the design of certain details: the same standard air cartridges are used for both front and back suspensions, and only one type of bearing is used in both the head set and the bottom bracket.

A range of accessories was tailored to fit every explorer’s expectations, including a universal bottle holder, compartments for tools and miscellaneous items, and a place to mount a navigation system. Thanks to the tube’s specific shape, all the accessories can be easily attached to the frame with clips or magnetic fixations, both of which provide a safer and smarter system than with drilling or welding. With Extramuros, an honest and affordable device is born, so that anyone can become an explorer of cities or discover nature using nothing more than one’s own energy.

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