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To address the travelling habits of the 21st century, ErgonX is an adaptable backpack that provides the user with three different carrying capacities and functionality in a single product, along with an innovative way of carrying the load.

When travelling, different itineraries may call for different baggage needs. So ErgonX provides three different load functionalities assembled in one backpack without sacrificing the basic anatomical requirements of a backpack. For example, the daypack is the smallest packing option, meant for carrying basic items for a short daytrip.

On the interior, divided compartments and coloured inner linings guide the user on the proper organisation of items so that the weight of the pack can be distributed correctly and shifted closer to user’s back. To minimise the weight of the entire product, Al-Li alloy is selected for the frame because of its durability and lightweight features.


Heja Can Deniz


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