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Endless Dress

Endless Dress is a dress with a modular design concept that allows each part of the dress to be purchased separately and custom-assembled together.


Mohammad Rafieiankopaei


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Every year, millions of clothing pieces are being disposed of unnecessarily. Endless Dress creates a system to prolong the life cycle of clothes by letting consumers combine different clothing parts to achieve new combinations. Instead of disposing entire pieces of clothing, they can be refreshed with new parts, thus giving them a new lease of life. This system discourages wasteful consumerism and protects the environment, while still providing an alternative to the novelty and excitement of owning new clothing. 

The modular system begins by dividing a piece of clothing into parts: the left section, right section, front piece and back piece. Each part can be produced and sold separately – in various colours, material and patterns – and assembled together according to the consumer’s preference. Each dress becomes a customised dress “made” by the consumer. The pieces can be connected via zippers, buttons, straps, buckles, etc.

With this system, if parts of the clothing become defected, they can always be swopped out instead of throwing away the entire piece of clothing. The consumer only has to buy and replace that one defected section and continue wearing the same dress. Furthermore, if each part is designed to be reversible, consumers can essentially achieve 36 clothing combinations with just three dresses. 

In terms of product sales and merchandising, stores are divided into various zones, each zone determined by a name or a colour. Every zone offers a collection of different clothing parts that differ by their designs or materials, which creates a vibrant mood for each individual sales zone.

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