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Elegant Pencil

Elegant Pencil is designed for two functions – a slit in on one end prevents the pencil from rolling off surfaces; the same end is also reusable and enables pencil lead to be completely used up each time, thus minimising wastage.


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When a traditional pencil is about to run out, it always becomes too short to be gripped or used. As such, at least one-fifth of the pencil will be disposed and wasted each time. Furthermore, when using a pencil, it has a tendency to roll off surfaces, hitting the floor and breaking the lead. The Elegant Pencil is a gracefully shaped pencil that is designed to address both problems.


A clean slit is cut into one end of the pencil’s body. This allows the pencil to be clipped to other objects, and thus, prevent it from rolling off surfaces. This end of the Elegant Pencil is also built without lead, replacing that one-fifth of a pencil that is always wasted. When the pencil starts to get too short, this end can be saved and inserted into a new pencil easily. This allows each pencil lead to be used up completely every time and the design achieves a more sustainable way to use pencils.


Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Faculty Advisor: Yang Jian

Design: Li Ting, Lu Shengli, Li Zhiqiang

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