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Electric Multi Kettle

A multifunctional electric kettle that combines a blender function with an electric kettle that can also be converted into a steamer – a perfect appliance for single-person households.

This Electric Multi Kettle is a product that combines all the functions of a complex or well-equipped kitchen into a single kitchen appliance. It consists of a base unit, an electric kettle, a blender, a steamer, a steamer board, and a lid. The controller of the electric kettle and the steamer hangs on the grip of the electric kettle. 


Jang Younghee
South Korea


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Open the lid of the electric kettle, place the steamer board and cover the container of the blender and steamer to use. It can be used as an electric kettle by combining the base unit with the electric kettle. By attaching the steamer to the top of the kettle, the steam of the electric kettle will fulfil the food steaming function. In addition, reversing the container of the blender and steamer, attaching it to the base unit and then placing the lid over it, one can use the appliance like a blender.

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