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EDAG Light Cocoon - Bionical Concept Car

Inspired by nature, and additively manufactured, EDAG Light Cocoon is the ultimate statement for the future of lightweight construction and sustainable design.


EDAG Engineering GmbH, Germany
Team Lead: Joerg Ohlsen
Design: Johannes Barckmann, Tom Hasenhauer, Ruben Velasco

The EDAG Light Cocoon is a visionary lightweight vehicle concept with bionically optimised and additively manufactured (3D print) vehicle structural parts. The skeleton-like, organic vehicle structure is extremely lightweight, uses minimal materials, and meets all static and dynamic component requirements.  

The outer skin is composed of a high-tech textile, the lightest possible surface material. As a result, the body lighting makes the bionic skeleton visible, and gives rise to impressive light scenarios that can be used for a number of purposes, for example, to greet the driver. 

To conclude, the EDAG Light Cocoon demonstrates a way of producing structural vehicle parts that will weigh 30% less than that produced with conventional construction methods. This bionical concept car heralds a paradigm shift in vehicle development.


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