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Easy Slide

Easy Slide is a showerhead slide bar that is designed for the convenience of old people, children and people with disabilities in mind.


Runner Industrial Corporation, China
Team Lead: Gao Wen
Design: Zhang Taoyan, Chen Hesheng, Lin Chunhui, Hu Xinzhan, Liao Lizhong, Lin Jin, Zheng Shunchuan, Lai Qingquan

While the proportion of vulnerable groups in society is rising, common bathroom products and fixtures have done little to bring them more convenience. There are many showerhead slide bars on the market but even when they look aesthetically different, they function pretty much the same way. These bars work fine for ordinary people but usually pose a problem for the elderly, the disabled, children and other vulnerable groups.

Easy Slide is a reinvented showerhead slide bar that can be easily operated by all kinds of people. It makes adjusting the height and angle of the showerhead more effortless because it does not require any force. Simply push the handle gently with any part of the body – an arm, an elbow, the palm or even a finger – to move the bracket, and release to fix the showerhead in place.

Easy Slide is a simple and sophisticated showerhead slide bar design and one warm solution that considers groups that are more vulnerable.


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