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Easy Jacket - Assistive Transitional Clothing

Easy Jacket is an assistive transitional garment that can be easily worn and removed. It is designed for people who are physically challenged, or to function well in situations where a jacket has to be worn with limited body movements.


Austin Chen
United States

When putting on or taking off a jacket, to stretch out the arms could be challenging, especially in situations where space is tight. Easy Jacket can be easily worn and removed with minimal shoulder and arm movements. It is inspired by the traditional Tibetan coat, which opens from the collar and collapses easily. With a reconstructed Tibetan coat pattern, Easy Jacket introduces a new way to open and close a jacket. 

This jacket has multiple openings on the sides, sleeves and the collar. It has a detachable front panel and a main piece with sleeves that can be zipped open. Originally designed for people with shoulder issues, this jacket allows one to slide the arms into the open sleeves without having to lift them. To undress, simply detach the Velcro on either side of the collar and unzip. The detachable front panel also works as a changeable module to create a different look for various seasons and occasions.


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