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Easy-Defrost Fish Package

Easy-defrost Fish Package reduces the waiting time for fish to defrost by employing graphite sheet, which has high thermal conductivity. 


Chen Yan-Ting, Kao Chia-Yi, Chen Pin-Ju

Waiting for frozen fish to thaw has always been tricky and a test of patience. Easy-Defrost Fish Package allows store-bought frozen fish to be defrosted in the span of time one takes to travel home from the store, which reduces the deliberate waiting time. The concept uses graphite sheet, which has a high thermal conductivity, to speed up the defrosting process.

The graphite sheet wraps around a biodegradable plastic packaging and carrier. As soon as the packaged fish leaves the freezer, the graphite sheet starts conducting heat from environment at room temperature. As the user holds the carrier, the hand comes into contact with the graphite sheet, which further conducts and transfers the heat from the hand to the section of the packaging that contains the frozen fish. By the time the user reaches home, it is easy to unpack and slide the fish out of the packaging.

Besides saving time, other product features of Easy-Defrost Fish Package include the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials, and a fish ID tag that can be customised and slotted into the corner of the packaging. The graphite sheet also adopts different variation of patterns that resemble fish scales. This creates a graphical appeal for the packaging and allows users to differentiate the types of fish products just by looking at the packaging. Additionally, a companion suite of packaged seasoning sauces for cooking fish-based dishes is also supplied for convenience.


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