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Tangram is a traditional seven-piece-puzzle game invented in ancient China. It exercises the imagination of children and develops intelligence. E-Tangram reinterprets this traditional game by incorporating modern technology. It is mainly aimed at preschool children from the age of 1 to 7. Even children who have visual impairment can play E-Tangram through sounds and vibrations.

If a child is playing E-Tangram with a parent, the parent can select the pattern appropriate for the child’s age on the application. Parents can also set prompts for the next move, which the application hints by vibrating Tangram pieces. When the right pieces are put together, they will be magnetically pieced to each other. Finally, when the child completes the patterns, E-Tangram will make a sound. For children ages 1-3, the sound will match the completed animal pattern. For children ages 3-5, the programme will sound out the name of object. Lastly, for children ages 5-7, the programme will sound out the pronunciation according to numbers and alphabets.


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Liu Yiting, She Fang, Huang Jing, Wang Chu, Zhao Dan

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