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E-Sleeping is a neck pillow with a built-in technology that solves fatigue due to jet lag and long-haul flights. It helps users get better sleep on the plane and analyses their sleep conditions to provide sleeping suggestions upon touchdown.

E-Sleeping solves fatigue due to jet lag and long-haul flights. There are three components in this design: an easy storage compartment, physiological sensor, and an application. When the user opens E-Sleeping on an airplane, this neck pillow will inflate automatically. Simply connect the pillow to the application via Bluetooth and enter the flight information such as location and time. With the information, the application will analyse the best sleeping time on the plane and allows users to start adjusting to the destination’s time even before they have arrived at their destination, thus preventing jet lag. 


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Cheng Jin-Deam
Design: Yeh Chia-Yu, Lin Yi-Xiang

During the flight, the pillow helps users achieve better sleep quality through sound waves and analyse the sleeping conditions via the physiological sensor. When the plane is about to arrive the destination, the E-Sleeping application will provide sleep suggestions based on the sleeping data on the plane. As a result, users need not worrying about suffering from jet lag. The project is sponsored by Chenming Mold Ind. Corp. (UNEEC) through its UNEEC Application Design Competition, which aims to nurture creative talents in Taiwan.


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