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DynaSYNC is a next-generation off-road tyre. True to its slogan, “Never Halfway”, it offers a safe and powerful driving experience in various off-road environments.

DynaSYNC is a new concept tyre that combines a dual-layer honeycomb structure with high endurance and polyurethane materials capable of realising various styles. By studying the mesh materials and structural layer of a shoe, which is capable of offering dynamic curves, flexible movements, buffering effects and a wide range of styles, this tyre is embodies a completely unique style and structure not found in other tyres. 

The honeycomb tread structure prevents punctures, as well as stones from lodging in the tread, thus offering better safety. The honeycomb layered sidewall structure generates flexible movement that minimises severe deformation of the tyre when navigating corners and driving at a high speed. It also absorbs shocks, which supports powerful driving. 


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Hankooktire Co., Ltd., South Korea
Team Lead: Oh Hokyung
Design: Youn Sunghee, Lee Myungjoong

The polyurethane material used in DynaSYNC not only achieves a high-strength characteristic but also is also capable of production in various colours. This allows young drivers to enhance their driving experience by selecting a tyre colour to match the colour of their vehicle. The urethane uni-material applied to realise the honeycomb structure reduces energy consumption and the use of harmful substances from the design to manufacturing process. Lastly, DynaSYNC encourages an eco-friendly future technology that enables easy recycling of materials upon disposal.

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