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Dual Mixer

When people use a conventional blender, they have to rinse the ingredients in the sink. To fix this uncomfortable cleaning process, this blender includes a function to rinse the ingredients – it is a new blender that can also be used to wash vegetables.

It seems troublesome to have to repeat the tedious process of rinsing ingredients in a sink every time one is about to use a blender. Furthermore, by washing the ingredients with the hands, pesticide and dust usually do not wash off properly. To solve the problems of contemporary blender models, the designers adopted the mechanism of a washing machine so that the blender itself can wash and blend the ingredients in one step.

Theoretically, the washing machine and the blender use the same kind of centrifugal force, therefore the Dual Mixer can wash and blend the ingredients with a single blender motor. The ingredients are washed with a centrifugal force and the load is rotated in a 180-degree manner (upside down). The water is easily released through the release hole on the top of the blender. Then, the blending blade comes into position and does its job. This blender provides an enjoyable one-step process for users. 


Ha Kyu Min, Kim Dong Wook, Shin Jung Uk, Lee Kang Kyung, Lim Min Kyo
South Korea


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