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Dual Humidifier Air Purifier

This is a new type of highly qualified air purifier that works on the basis of cyclone technology. This product is equipped with a humidifier that filters out 95% of fine dust or more without using any filtering devices.


STARION, South Korea
Team Lead: Lee Yong-Jin
Design: Kim Moo-Hyun, Kwon Woo-Jin, Kim Ki-Seop, Cho Dong-Ho, Shin Jung-A, Kim Dong-Muk, Lim Jung-Shik, Park Geon-hee 

Design UNO, South Korea
Team Lead: Jung-A Shin

Fine dust and the polluted air are threatening to the health of families. When the fine dust concentration is too much high, people refrain from going out, but even so, they experience indoor air pollution because air is not ventilated frequently. Most people do not know that indoor air pollution is just as harmful as the fine dust outdoors. 

To address this issue, a new type of product is produced that offers solutions for air purification and humidification via a cyclone technology. Principally, this product has to be combined with cyclone and water. As the product is equipped with humidifier and multi-deodorisation functions, it will provide clean and fresh air continuously.

Raindrops absorb the fine dust and harmful gases in the atmosphere and bring them to the ground. The designers were inspired by this principle of nature. Clean air is first filtered out from the filtration contact with water particles via the centrifugal force of cyclone, after which the humidification and deodorisation function will provide natural fresh air. Moreover, it is able to provide a feeling of being in nature that one will have never experienced from other ordinary air purifiers.


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