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Droops Coffeemaker

Droops Coffeemaker redefines the experience of processing coffee in conventional coffee makers and addresses the issue of unnecessary packaging waste by reinventing the packaging of coffee pods into dissolvable coffee content.

It has become so convenient to make coffee that the process has grown monotonous and irresponsible, thereby creating unnecessary packaging waste. This prompts a redesign of the process to reduce waste and make dispensing coffee a more delightful experience. Drawing upon the unpredictable fun from gumball machines, personalised soluble coffee pods are designed with different possibilities – each pod is covered in a layer of flavoured sugar and cream of different thickness (different content levels) to suit individual taste preferences.

Intuitively designed, the user simply places a coffee pod in the top basin before touching the button on the front nozzle to activate the process. This releases a stream of hot water that infuses the coffee slowly and dissolves the coffee pods. The coffee maker is designed in a stackable system, with a top heating and dispensing element (the ‘heating basin’), a water container in the middle, and a base that links to the power source. Stacking these parts completes the circuit by magnetic conduction and allows the coffee maker to power up.


Eason Chow Wai Tung


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