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DOUBLE-AID is a bag designed for two purposes: rescue and disaster relief. It can be used to deliver food to disaster areas or as a simple stretcher for emergency relief.


Chen Chin-Chuan, Yu Lung


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Usually, food sacks can be transported effectively in large quantities to disaster-stricken zones. However, after the food is distributed, most food bags are thrown away as waste. The designers have identified an opportunity here to explore how food sacks can be re-used other than for holding items.

DOUBLE-AID is a new type of food bag design. At the centre of the bag, a red cross is attached so that people can clearly identify it as belonging to relief work. The four corners of the bag are added with loops of red cloth. This allows two poles to run through its sides to form a simple emergency stretcher. 

Based on the premise of resource saving, the main idea of DOUBLE-AID relief bag is to creatively add another function to the existing function of an existing material, in order to extend and maximise the functional features of a product.

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