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Dot Line Egg Tray

Existing refrigerators on the market do not have appropriate storage for eggs in terms of efficiency. The Dot Line Egg Tray has dotted lines to split the tray into any shape desired, allowing the eggs to be stacked according to freshness and condition in the refrigerator.


Hoseo University, South Korea

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Doh Han Young, Prof. Lee Danbee

Design: Prof. Baek Junghoon, Prof. Lim Min Taek, Son Chan Hyun, Park Dasol, Lee Eunsol, Lee Jeong Chun, Jeong Bae Sik, Hong Seong Hyeon

The problem with egg trays in conventional refrigerators is that they are not able to hold many eggs. Furthermore, it is a waste of space to layout the eggs in a horizontal layer while they are being stored in the refrigerator. Sometimes, eggs trays that are underutilised are often thrown out. 

Dot Line Egg Tray provides a solution that enables the user to add the dotted lines in the tray and split it into shapes for refrigerator storage. It also allows efficient stacking of eggs and it is carefully designed to prevent eggs from breaking. To use the egg tray, split the tray along the dotted line into several trays and stack by following the designated grooves. Users can adjust various shapes of the tray for each condition of their refrigerator to keep the eggs.


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