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Dividing Printer

Dividing Printer is equipped with advanced task abilities and designed for wall-mounting and space efficiency. It removes the inconvenience of organising mixed printouts when more than two workers are using the printer.


In Young Jo, In Young Joo
South Korea

Dividing Printer is a wall-mounted printer for small offices with less than 10 workers. It removes the inconvenience of sorting out jumbled up printouts when multiple users are lined up in the print queue. The wall-mounted design is similar to that of regular home appliances such as wall-mounted television sets or air-conditioner. This improves space efficiency and the Dividing Printer can be installed in any part of the office. 

When it is in use, the printer moves along the rail and prints the document in order, then it deposits each completed page along the rail, in their respective stacks. The printer moves side to side slowly to ensure stability of the main body but printing speed stays on par with existing printers on the market.


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