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Dimples* is an open-ended construction play system for the building of blanket cubby houses, forts or castles. Each piece contributes to one holistic goal: to nourish creativity, encourage fun, and promote interaction between parents, kids and friends.

Dimples* is an indoor fort-building tool kit invented to nourish the open-endedness, fun, and creativity of play for youngsters in urban spaces. The kit consists of different types of connectors, which kids can use to build forts over objects inside the house. Developed with child-centric research, observation and validation, Dimples* aims to boost children’s creativity through smart-yet-simple products in an unconstructed environment.

Functionally, Dimples* is a complete modular set of toys. With both quantitative and qualitative research, it has been proven that almost everyone has several extra bed sheets and pillows at home – enough to make at least one cosy fort. A set of Dimples* would provide more than enough connectors to build it. Kids can just grab a piece of the Dimples* set and start connecting things together. Each ‘member’ of the Dimples* family has its own function – and of course, it can be adjusted according to child’s creativity.


Yanika Tinaphongs

Young children can attach the sheets together, hook them up to furniture legs, and so on. With simple actions – stretch, twist, pump and pull – they can learn things by doing, creating their own fantasies as they go. Parents can get involved by coming up with great ideas. Packing up post-play is convenient, too. Dimples* is stored in the wooden box provided. 

Every child has memories of building a comforting space and claiming it as his or her own world. This kind of play not only generates joy and excitement; children also learn to build things on their own. Moreover, building physical comfort spaces encourages positive group activities.


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