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Diamond-line Pole

The Diamond-line Pole is a clothesline pole designed to save time when hanging out laundry to dry and collecting the laundry back into the house.


Hsieh Chi, Zhang Yu Shuan, Lu You Ren, Hsu Sheng Hao, Lin Jian Qing

Diamond-line Pole began with the idea of saving time and effort by avoiding going back and forth to hang and collect laundry along a clothesline. It has an intelligent clothesline track that makes this process faster and easier. This product is not made to encourage laziness in people, but to minimise the accumulation of chores and maximise happiness on a daily basis. 

The designers created a curtain mechanism for Diamond-line Pole. The pole starts with an expandable diamond carriage for clothes hangers retracted towards the user. When the user is done hanging each clothing piece on the diamond carriage, simply pull the string at the end of the box track to expand and stretch out the diamond carriage. This mechanism allows the user to put out or collect the laundry on the clothesline all from one position. In addition, a built-in ultraviolet ray capability makes it possible to dry clothes indoors quickly and efficiently. 


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