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Deformable Spoon

This anti-heat Deformable Spoon helps the mother feed her baby in a safer and more hygienic manner, prevents food from scalding the baby, and prevents bacteria from spreading between adult and child.


Hangzhou Weiyuansu Industrial Design Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Liu Zhongliang
Design: Fang Shi, Wu Yanyan, Yu Hongfei, Zhou Jan 

HangZhou Pmuse Industrial Design Co.,Ltd , China
Team Lead: Zhao Changsheng

When the baby is given supplementary food, the spoon is the best tableware for feeding. However, because the baby’s mouth is tender, mothers instinctively gauge the temperature of the food in their own mouth and cool the food by blowing on it – neither of which is healthy or efficient. Also, when disinfecting utensils with boiling water, it is easy to melt the spoon accidentally when it comes into contact with the bottom of the pot.

The anti-heat Deformable Spoon is made of a memory-metal material. When the temperature is higher than 42 degrees Celsius, the spoon deforms into a flat shape, indicating that the baby food is too hot; when the temperature of the food is below 38 degrees Celsius, the spoon regains its original shape, indicating that the food is at a safe temperature to be served.


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