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Dad Cycle

The Dad Cycle is a three-piece bicycle system that gives fathers a safer, more enjoyable way to carry and bond with their infants outside of the home.

This project addresses two observations: fathers typically underutilise their day-to-day opportunities for interaction with their 18-month-old and younger children; parents have been altering their bikes because there are no products designed to carry infants on a bicycle. The Dad Cycle offers a safer, more compact bicycle that encourages interaction between father and child outside of the home.

Standing and falling causes about 49% of all children’s injuries when they are on a bicycle; this typically happens during loading and unloading of the child, when coming to a standstill, and when parking. An innovative pivoting mechanism in Dad Cycle ensures that, in the unlikely event of a fall, the capsule swings and lands on its base. This transfers the force through the bottom instead of the side, and it is partially absorbed though the flexible ply. The position of the infant inside the capsule cushions the rest of the impact, reduces whiplash and minimises any violent body movements.

The capsule is made with laminated bamboo – a material that has a springing flexibility to help soften the overall ride for the infant. It is finished with bees wax to seal it in a teething-safe manner for the infant. It features a simple lever to detach the capsule, which means the user can carry their infant to a cafe without disturbing the infant; or strap the infant into the capsule inside their home before carrying them out to the bike. 

The bicycle frame is chrome-molybdenum for a balance of strength and weight. The pivoting mechanism is high tensile steel for maximum durability. The frame shape allows for a low mounting height, as well as act as a handle when lifting the bike over kerbs. The small 20-inch wheels create a more compact bicycle, as well as a lower centre of gravity for a more stable ride. The white and red colour scheme increases visibility from the front and rear.


Massey University
Ngā Pae Māhutonga
The School of Design
New Zealand

Faculty Advisors: Emma Fox Derwin, Lyn Garrett, Jason Mitchell, John Wells

Design: Brendan Knight

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