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D-ear Headset

D-ear Headset is designed for people who wear glasses.


University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Zhongshan Institute, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Zhang Chunhong, Prof. Guo Lei
Design: Yu Ruqi, Zhan Jingyuan, Wang Jiongjiong, Zhu Qihui, Jiang Dong

The sheath of D-ear Headset is designed to avoid contact with spectacle frames, which effectively relieves the ear discomfort caused by traditional headset that are commonly experienced by spectacle wearers. The ear pads are made with an ultra-soft reversible memory foam material. They can change their form according to different ear shapes and reduce any sound leakage.

D-ear Headset keeps your ears away from the compression stress of the spectacle frame. Its ergonomic design gives users get a better listening experience. All headphone parts that meet the skin are made with skin-friendly materials that are neither too hard nor too soft, thereby reducing the compression on the skin. The ultra-soft reversible memory foam of the ear pads clings to the ears and ensures the quality of sound.


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