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CrickIT is an electrical vehicle that supports a semi-sitting posture and long-distance transportation. It also easily transforms into a “trolley” to transport large and heavy objects.


Dr. Andrea Cingoli

CrickIT is an electrical vehicle and an alternative mode of long-distance transportation. It is designed to operate in cities where means of transportation are not as convenient. It works well everywhere, but it is particularly suited for bypassing obstacles and accessing small roads and pedestrianised areas in historical centres. This is also the first portable scooter that allows the user to lean back in a semi-sitting position with the ischial tuberosity (sitting bone) supported. The handle and the seat are both ergonomically designed and adjustable to allow people of different heights and sizes to drive in the most comfortable position possible.

CrickIT can go from vehicular to trolley mode. In the vehicular configuration, the user leans against the seat and drives by holding on the handlebars, leaning left and right to steer, much like a skier does. In this mode, CrickIT can achieve a maximum speed of 15km/h, but the driving speed usually averages from 8km/h to 10km/h.

When transformed into the “trolley” mode, the user places the object on the platform and stands outside of the vehicle to drive. Its potential speed is greatly reduced to 7km/h in order to transport up to a maximum of 250kg. The entire vehicle can be folded up compactly into the size of a suitcase and stored in the trunk of a car.

When packed flat, CrickIT has a height of 37cm and when open, it stands at 110cm. The shell is made of polycarbonate and carbon materials to provide strength and lightness. On average, it runs on modern gel battery that can last about 2 hours per charge. Other functions include positional and RGB signal lights; two small displays located on the foot platforms that signal the battery charge and vehicle status in case of a malfunction; and a localisation software that guards against theft or tracks the location of goods for logistical services. CrickIT is the perfect example of portable comfort and technology compacted all into one.


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