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The COOKYOO BALL Stand Mixer is a household kitchen machine equipped with three different mixing attachments that can satisfy daily food processing – a dough hook for mixing dough, a whisk for whisking egg whites and cream, and a beater for beating the fillings.

The COOKYOO BALL Stand Mixer attempts to change the traditional impression of kitchen mixers. It has a strong and modern design that breaks away from the primary image of kitchens that are usually dull, rigid and boring. It blends in with the whole kitchen with its ‘water drop’ shape and its soft and mellow main body. This departs from the cold and mechanical look of traditional stand mixers.


Liantek Electrical Appliances (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, China

Team Lead: Li XiaoChuan

Design: Li XiaoChuan

Using a transparent Triton material instead of cold stainless steel for the mixer body, the entire blending mechanism is fully visible. Even the mixing bowl and the feeding tray are made with the same transparent Triton material for a seamless aesthetic. A convenient touch screen display instead of physical buttons is incorporated with usage such as speed setting is simple and intuitive. This simplifies and humanises the operating mechanism.


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