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Convenient Pocket

Convenient Pocket is a kind of transferable pocket that allows one to keep a ‘hidden’ pocket in a ‘visible’ one, which also reduces the inconvenience of transferring too many things in and out of the pocket, or between pockets.


Guangdong University of Technology

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Zhang Xin, Prof. Zheng Yongkang

Design: Guan Haokun, Wang Weilian, Liu Kaini, Liang Zheng, Li Yuanbing, Wang Jinyang, Liang Jianhang, Liang Jiajin

With too many personal belongings in the pockets, walking or sitting can be very uncomfortable. Convenient Pocket offers a solution by allowing one to hide a ‘hidden’ pocket in a real pants pocket, so that personal belongings can be easily removed from, and returned to the pockets. A hidden zipper keeps the Convenient Pocket safe, while the Velcro prevents the invisible pocket from moving around. To put the belongings in the pocket, simply pull out the pocket, unzip the zipper, drop the items into the pocket, close the zipper and seal the Velcro.


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