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Concrete Air Purifier

The Concrete Air Purifier is meant to recycle concrete into everyday use for environmental advantage. Parts of this air purifier can be used  could be used as the basic material for air purifiers, because of its superior electrical properties, and low prices after a series of appropriate management.


GD Midea Air-Conditioner Equipment Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Li Sanxin
Design: Hong Runzhong, Wei Ziwei

The modern city is built on concrete and there is a relationship between air pollution and concrete dust. Therefore, the designers decided to recycle concrete and employ it as the main material for the shell of the air purifier.

The Concrete Air Purifier is made up of two major parts. The first of which is the concrete shell that has a plain aesthetic and superior electrical properties. Only three simple steps are required to finish the manufacturing process –concrete dust recycling, 3D printing and concrete spraying. The second part of the air purifier consists of the functional aspects of an air purifier, including the air pipe, motor, fan and filters. Other than its alternative shape and unusual shell material, the Concrete Air Purifier works exactly like any other ordinary air purifier.


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