Life Box

Life Box is an air-droppable, rapid-response disaster recovery box that turns into a four-person inflatable shelter and contains relief goods. It has been designed to meet the inherent life needs of disaster survivors as an immediate and holistic solution.

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After natural disasters, especially earthquakes, disaster relief providers are sometimes unable to reach the disaster zone due to distance, weather conditions, and the destruction of roads. Life Box is an air-droppable, foldable polyethylene box housing two cardboard boxes that contain relief goods such as food, water, sleeping bags, and so on. When Life Box is unfolded, it turns into an inflatable shelter.

The inflatable, double-layer shelter is attached to the interior surface of Life Box. When it is unfolded, Life Box serves as the floor of the shelter. The outer layer of the shelter also functions as a cross-type parachute during the airdrop. The polyethylene foam provides comfort and insulation. It is also a good shock absorber.

Life Box is offered in three usage types related with different needs: ‘air’, ‘land’ and ‘water’. The ‘air’ type is for the disaster areas that can be only reached by aircraft. The outer layer of the shelter is used as parachute during airdropping. The 'land’ type is for disaster areas that can be reached by road. The outer layer of the shelter is placed inside the box. The ‘water’ type is for flood-affected areas. It serves as a shelter on both water and land. It has two inflated rings around the shelter for floatation.

Inspired by the iconic instructions and easy functionality of life vests, Life Box features iconic and simple graphic instructions for use. It can be set up in less than one minute. The dimensions of Life Box were decided according to accommodation needs and transportation efficiency. A 120 x 120cm universal pallet can hold eight Life Boxes. Life Box shelters can be combined to accommodate large families. Post-disaster, more Life Boxes can be added to increase living space. They can also be used to create temporary hospitals or offices.


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