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Zhou Hongchao, Sun Jun, Liu Xiang


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Concave And Protruding, Easy For Cleaning Palette

It is common to leave a paint palette unwashed, leaving behind remaining pigments that will dry up and become difficult to clean. To solve this problem, Concanve and Protuding is an easy-to-clean palette that will reduce the amount of water needed to clean the palette.

The design begins with easy cleaning and water conservation as a main concern for the paint palette design. The main surface of the palette that is white is made with silica gel, which is malleable. The edge of the palette is made with a clear polycarbonate that not only looks glittery, but also serves as a rigid frame to holds the soft palette together. 

Each time the user forgets to wash the palette after painting, the user only has to push against the back of the palette with his finger to pop it out in the other direction. This releases the dry pigments and they will flake off easily. In-mould labelling techniques were used in the design.

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