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Comfi-bottle is a simple reinterpreted bottle that allows remaining liquid in the bottle to pour out easily and conveniently. Its clever structure brings ease of use while enhancing utility.

Comfi-bottle is a new type of packaging designed for food industries. It could be filled with different types of sauces, seasoning, creams, thick liquids, pudding, etc. 

The key feature of Comfi-bottle is embedded within its very simple structure. The core of the bottle has an accordion form that makes it easy to get the very last drops of even the thickest liquid out of the bottle. The built-in characteristic of an accordion structure is already pump-like. Therefore, with this form, liquid is easily squeezed out of the bottle with little struggle.

When bought in stores, the bottle is compressed and bound by a protective wrap. Simply remove the wrap and fill the bottle to start using.


zavie design studio, Iran
Team Lead: Ahmad (Vahid) Tavakoli Karnagh
Design: Majid Razmi Khanghah, Fahimeh Hadadchi, Dr. S. Reza  Mortezaei, Hassan Bahmanyar, Masoud Geramifar


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