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Combination of Seesaw

The Combination of Seesaw is designed to carry two children, four children and six children. This allows it to swing in several directions, which provides more fun than regular seesaws and encourages teamwork amongst children.

When more than two children want to play on the seesaw, a regular seesaw needs to be balanced on both ends. This is a possible scenario but extremely dangerous. The Combination of Seesaw is designed to change the traditional way of playing on a seesaw by carrying two children, four children and six children safely.


Dalian Minzu University, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Bao Haimo, Qiao Song
Design: Sun Yuwen, Zhang Mengbo, Xu Kun, He Chunyan, Wang Xuan, Wang Xiucheng, Liu Jiahuan, Xuan Anran

With a three-layer structure, the layers are connected to each other via a universal ball. The flexible universal ball structure reduces friction between each layer, and the seesaw swings in several directions. This provides more fun than regular seesaws and quickly encourages teamwork amongst children. The Combination of Seesaw allows two children to operate it like a regular seesaw, but a second and third seesaw layer can be extended out to carry four or six children.

This is a 360-degree seesaw that encourages a group of children to cooperate and play together. The universal ball rolls freely and enables free movement of play while reducing the energy that has to be exerted by the children. The universal ball structure is made from carbon steel and stainless steel, which has a stable bearing capacity to satisfy international standards and ensures safety.


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