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Coffee Brewer

Coffee Brew is an idea for highly portable and easy-to-use individually packed coffee that double-tasks its packaging as a coffee cup. Simply pull tab to open and pour hot water.


DEYA Culture Communion (XIAMEN) Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Hu Siqi
Design: Yeh Shu-Hung 

To make a cup of coffee, simply pull the tab marked “1” on the coffee pack. Open the packaging-turned-coffee-cup and slowly pour hot water into the filter until it hits the water marking. Wait a few seconds until all the water is drained from the filter, then pull the tab marked “2” to remove the filter and coffee grounds. A simple cup of aromatic coffee is now ready.

Each Coffee Brewer pack measures 143mm (H) × 85mm (W) × 5mm (D), making it highly portable. This is a drip-style coffee, which means that coffee lovers no longer have to settle for instant coffee, and are spared the hassle of having to carry around a coffee mug. An aromatic cup of drip-style coffee may be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The packaging itself is also made with paper recycled from used coffee grounds. The used packaging may be recycled together with the coffee grounds, or mixed and dried with wood chippings to create pellets to repel insects, regulate humidity and remove odour.


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