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CLIP Fish Hook

This is a fishhook with an added clip that allows people to enjoy fishing easily and safely without having to touch the fishing-bait.


Young W. Lee
United States

CLIP Fish Hook has an added clip that allows people to attach the fishing-bait (such as bloodworms) without having to touching the hook or the bait, thus reducing the chances of being stabbed by the tip of the hook. The clip resembles a U-shaped hairpin. Unlike pre-existing fishhooks, CLIP Fish Hook allows any beginner to bait up without struggle. 

The user simply has to pinch open the clip and bait the bloodworm. Beginners will feel less overwhelmed, and fishing becomes a more approachable hobby for a wider range of age groups. The clip also has strong grip on the bait to resist the force of strong currents. With CLIP Fish Hook, anyone can enjoy fishing for extended periods of time.


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